Screenshot Study Insight - patient profile

Study Insight

Support medical data review efficiently via data integration services with powerful visualization
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Screenshot Visual Health - Visual Patient Record

Visual Health

Widget to navigate a virtual model of the human anatomy from any standard web client
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Find, create and share health information online using the human anatomy
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Study Insight

A web application to support Clinical Trial Teams review medical data efficiently

Study Insight combines data integration services with a powerful visualization tool to offer more control over safety and efficacy data. It is a proven software that reduces time to review medical data from days to hours and supports the timely submission of study reports.

Screenshot Study Insight - patient profile
Single Patient profile with a timeline

Independent of the data provider and of the study design, Study Insight puts your medical data into a common framework that lets you access data consistently across studies on an intranet and from any web browser. You can then explore, monitor and review medical data from a laptop, desktop or mobile device efficiently.

Screenshot Study Insight - patient disposition
Patient disposition per treatment group

Main Features


fast access to key information from the user interface


ensure study data can be re-used over time and for several applications


add new data elements easily without breaking existing data models


new data sources can be loaded at low cost


clinical data can be securely accessed from mobile devices

Why use Study Insight?

  • Improve data quality and lock study databases faster

  • Unify all your medical data and enable cross study analysis

  • Perform large scale analysis on thousands of patients in a couple of mouse clicks

Study Insight reduces the time to review medical data and lets study teams write study report faster without changing existing processes. It is an add-on to your infrastructure that lets medical experts save time down from weeks to days or from days to hours.


«With Study Insight, I could review in 1 hour what would otherwise have taken me a full day.

I could quickly work through all study files down to patient level and be ensured that the data was correct. If I receive any request now, I can access Study Insight and check my study data again, that’s extremely helpful.»

Henk Johan Streefkerk, MD PhD, Brand Safety Leader, Critical Care, Novartis

«Everyone is speaking about efficiency, this tool implements it.»

Isabelle H., Phase III Study Medical Expert

«I was able to work through the files down to patient level, and it has been extremely helpful.»

Peter J., Translational Medical Expert

Contact us at to get started with Study Insight

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Visual Health

A comprehensive widget to navigate a virtual model of the human anatomy from any standard web client

Visual Health is a set of software components to efficiently access clinical content and electronic medical records over a 3D body. It can easily be installed on any web page as done below, or integrated into a more complex web application such as healthcorpus .

Start interacting with the human anatomy using the controls on the right hand side. You can change view by clicking the blue text on the upper left corner.

Visual Health can be accessed from any device, including mobiles running a standard web browser, without needing to install any plugin. Visual Health is cloud based and can scale easily to serve any number of users.

Screenshot Visual Health - Visual Patient Record
Visual Health used to browse the content of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Screenshot Visual Health - Visual Patient Record
Visual Health used to browser medical articles on

Main Features

3D Anatomy

male, female and gender neutral models of the human anatomy (more than 3,000 anatomical structures modeled)


automatic updates of the virtual model totally transparent to the end users


cloud based solution with low footprint on the client machine enabling a large scale deployment

Rich API

navigation and visualization over the virtual body can be customized via an API to browse specific content


can be run on most devices with low memory and power consumption

Why use Visual Health?

  • Enable fast access to information by organizing medical information according to the human anatomy.

  • Make medical software more intuitive for both clinicians and patients.

  • Improve the adoption of Electronic Medical Records by making clinical data more visual.


«An image is worth a thousand words. Clinicians are on the verge of drowning in too much information. A tool such as Nhumi is able to help separating the relevant and important information from the rest by its strong visualization capability. Getting a fast and complete overview of a patient’s record can be crucial in some situations.»

PD Dr. med Michael A. Patak, Radiologist, Klinik Hirslanden, Zürich, CH

«This tool gives me a fantastic, graphic view of the patient’s status. I can see much more information […], which I would otherwise have to spend considerable time searching through our current record system.»

Dr. Hardy Christoffersen, Head of Orthopedic Department, Thy-Mors hospital, Denmark

Contact us at to use Visual Health

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A website to find, create and share health information online.

Healthcorpus is a site where you can search, write and store health articles online. Healthcorpus uses a virtual body to organize articles based on their relationship to the human anatomy. You click where it hurts and retrieve all relevant articles organized by topics.

Screenshot Healthcorpus - visual search
Click where it hurts and search relevant articles

Healthcorpus lets you write and organize health stories by body part or by health topic. Your health experience, that is saved and password protected, can then be shared privately with family, doctors or trusted friends.

Screenshot Healthcorpus - read an article
Medical content can be navigated with the virtual body

Main Features


write your own stories using a virtual model of the human anatomy to show where it hurts or what is relevant


find articles of interest by clicking on a virtual body


learn more by browsing a detailed model of the human anatomy


sign-up for free and organize your pages with tags and more


share your pages and stories privately, publicly or anonymously

Why use healthcorpus?

  • Learn more about a disease, a drug or more generally a health topic

  • Keep track of your medical history in your own words

  • Prepare a doctor’s visit showing where it hurts
Screenshot Healthcorpus - write a note
Write a note about where it hurts

Healthcorpus helps you better understand why it hurts and what it relates to. With its unique visual search engine, you can click where you feel pain and discover many relevant health articles. Free and totally private, healthcorpus gives you control over your health story: you can save it without the need to enter any personal information.

How to use healthcorpus?

Click below to watch a short movie describing how to use

Visit and sign-up for an account