The new is out! If you look for information about a symptom, a drug or any other health topics, go there and start your visual search as shown in the picture below.

auto auto "HealthCorpus Home Page"

The search engine behind is fully dedicated to visual queries over a virtual body: you click a body part and the system retrieves the most relevant articles. You can then refine your search by selecting topics of interest such as side effects, back pain or itches for instance. 14,000 medical articles are currently indexed. New content will be added over time, so do not hesitate to send us comments, or new articles you would like to get indexed. You are also kindly invited to contribute and write your own story, article or blog on any health topic. If you make it public, the search engine will catch it and offer it to other visitors when they search over the body.

Other news about Nhumi include a new research grant on the topic of "Machine Learning for Personalized Medicine" and the appearance of Nhumi in the top 50 Swiss startups by the Bilan magazine (in French). Both are recognition of our work in health analytics and visualization offering people the easiest access to health information.

We hope you will enjoy and look forward to receiving your comments.